Yamato Iori


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She is always energetic and high spirited! She is full of energy, you can tell by her stream. She loves to talk and the conversation never stops and goes on forever.

She also values conversation with listeners as well as her own stories. She often picks up on the #ねえねえイオリン tag in her stream and replies to #みぎったー tweets on Twitter.

Yamato Iori



BirthdayNov. 10
Star SignScorpius
Fan Name右目さん(right eye)
HashtagStream tag #ヤマトイオリ
Art tag #イオリの森美術館
Meme #みぎったー
Planned #ねえねえイオリン


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The game was number one because it was a collaboration and the many things she wanted to do! Also, talking was second place because she likes to talk!

The games were Minecraft, which has a lot of things she can do! Talking were of various titles such as Ohanashi, which showed the trend of the time! Collaboration was mostly with the group “Tr!c trac”, in which she also participates!
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